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Clear Image Weekly Radiographic Cleaner – Quart with Foamer Spray
  Clear Image Weekly Radiographic Cleaner cleans developer, fixer, oxidation, silver and algae deposits from rollers, tanks, webs and transports in 3-5 minutes. This weekly cleaner is step two of a three-part X-ray processor cleaning system: step one, Clear Image daily clean-up sheets and step three, Pro-32 monthly/quarterly professional soak. Acid free Chromate free 100% biodegradable and nontoxic Clear Image is safe for all processors Used weekly, it guarantees sharper images No hazardous shipping c..
$33.95 Ex Tax: $33.95
Coin Envelopes - Size 1, White, 500/Box
Coin Envelopes - Size 1, White, 500/Box ..
$18.99 Ex Tax: $18.99
Duplicating Film 5x12 100/Box
Profesional Practice Blue Base Professional Practice blue base duplicating film provides radiographs that are almost indistinguishable from the originals This film has excellent clarity and contrast scale, providing maximum diagnostic value. ..
$65.50 Ex Tax: $65.50
Film Mounts by Flow
  Please call 734-293-7500 to inquire about all of our other film mount sizes and options ..
$28.50 Ex Tax: $28.50
FLAPS Film Holding Tabs - 500/Box - Original Flaps
  Microcopy Film Holding Tabs are flaps made of a soft plastic foam with a self-adhesive side that keeps X-ray film in place. Holder tabs are also great for digital X-ray sensor positioning.   ..
$35.95 Ex Tax: $35.95
Flow  Sensibles Universal Sensor Holder Starter Kit
  Deluxe Starter Kit #40900 Includes: 4 Large and 8 Medium Bite Blocks, Positioning Arms (2 Anterior, 2 Posterior), Aiming Rings (2 Anterior, 2 Posterior), 50 Comfees Deluxe Sensor Sleeves; $98.95 Econo Starter Kit #40901 includes: Includes: 2 Large and 2 Medium Bite Blocks, Positioning Arms (1 Anterior, 1 Posterior), Aiming Rings (1 Anterior, 1 Posterior), 25 Comfees Deluxe Sensor Sleeves; $35.99   Sensible Bite Wing Kit #40912 includes:  Bite Blocks (2 Large Bite-Wing, 2 Medium Bite-Wing), Positioning Arms (2 Bite-Wing), Aiming Rings (2 Bite-Wing); $58.99 ..
$98.95 Ex Tax: $98.95
Flow Bite Wing Blocks - #2 Horizontal, 6/pack
#40290 - #2 Horizontal Bite Blocks, 6/pack, $8.45/pack   ..
$8.75 Ex Tax: $8.75
Flow Bite Wing Blocks - #2 Vertical, 6/pack
#42410 - #2 Vertical Bite Blocks, 6/pack, $17.75/pack ..
$19.35 Ex Tax: $19.35
Flow Cushies
15800   $9.95/box Cushies Pre-slit, individually wrapped foam tubes for dental film to add softness and comfort – box of 50.          15810    Box of 300   $35.95/box ..
$9.95 Ex Tax: $9.95
Flow Stickems
      15720 Stickem’s Self-Adhesive Bite-Wing Tabs – automatic dispenser box of 500. Adhesive bitewing tab that can be used with PSP Plates, Barrier Envelopes or Film ..
$7.50 Ex Tax: $7.50
Flow Sticky Bites
15780 Sticky Bites Soft Foam Bite Blocks for Sensors, PSP and Film. Box of 500.   ..
$27.50 Ex Tax: $27.50
Flow X-Ray DV-54 Pedo Econo Pack
400/pack. ..
$134.95 Ex Tax: $134.95