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Peri-Pro Developer & Fixer
Sold by the case. ..
$50.95 Ex Tax: $50.95
SOLUDENT Developer -  4 Gallons
Soludent Developer Sold by the case. 4 Gallons/CS ..
$48.99 Ex Tax: $48.99
SOLUDENT Fixer & Developer - 2 Gallons of each
SoluDent 30 Second Ready-To-Use Developer & Fixer is a pre-mixed formulation ideal for very rapid film processing, such as in an emergency or during endodontic treatment.   Develops and fixes quickly Provides film with excellent diagnostic quality Sold by the case. 4 gallons/CS (2gal Developer, 2gal Fixer) ..
$42.99 Ex Tax: $42.99
SOLUDENT Fixer - 4 Gallons
Quala Fixer Sold by the case. 4 Gallons/CS ..
$42.99 Ex Tax: $42.99
Spray 2000 A/T Kits
Contains 1 (1 liter) of spray, 1 sprayer attachment and 4 cleaning webs ..
$47.75 Ex Tax: $47.75
GBX - Developer and Replenisher - Carestream Health, Inc.
GBX - Developer and Replenisher Liquid chemical concentrates designed for the manual processing of all Carestream dental X-ray films (both intraoral and extraoral) Both developer and fixer are single solution concentrates Provides mixing convenience and improved chemical stability Identical mixing and dilution procedures for tank and replenishment solutions   ..
$40.50 Ex Tax: $40.50