Ethicon Black Braided Silk Sutures; 12 per box

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Silk Black Braided Sutures are a nonabsorbable, sterile, surgical suture composed of an organic protein. The sutures are processed to remove the natural waxes and gums, dyed black and coated with a special wax mixture.
Ethicon Black Braided Silk Sutures
Item # Size/Type        
640G 5-0, 18", P-3, pkg12, 640G $168.50/box    
641G 4-0, 18", P-3, pkg12, 641G
684G 3-0, 18", FS-1, pkg12, 684G $70.50/box    
682G 5-0, 18", FS-2, pkg12, 682G
632G 3-0, 18", X-1, pkg12, 632G $70.50/box    
683G 4-0, 18", FS-2, pkg12, 683G
J497G 3-0, 18", J497G $167.95/box
736G 4-0, 18", C-3, pkg12, 736G $82.25/box
1677G                 4-0, 18", PS-2,pkg12, 1677G                                                 $150.75    


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