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GUM® Soft-Picks®  by Sunstar (Butler)
GUM® Soft-Picks® GUM® Soft-Picks® are effective, easy-to-use interdental cleaners that can lead to better compliance and oral health. Each pick features 76 flexible rubber bristles that gently dislodge food, remove plaque and massage the gums. Soft-Picks for Wider Spaces are 25% wider for larger tooth spaces Well-suited for patients with implants or orthodontic appliances 72 per box   ..
$49.25 Ex Tax: $49.25
GUM® Travel Toothbrush, 12/Pkg
GUM® Travel Toothbrush, 12/Pkg Standard Toothbrush: Dome Trim features antibacterial protected bristles to keep brush cleaner between uses and a snap-lock cap/handle extension. Gentle tongue cleaner helps to gently remove odor-causing bacteria.     ..
$18.50 Ex Tax: $18.50
Interdental Variety Box By G.U.M SUNSTAR (Butler)
Interdental cleaner ideal for patients with healthy gingiva, dental restorations, orthodontics, or those who have trouble flossing. Contains 84 pieces New triangular bristles remove up to 25% more  plaque. Longer, flexible handle and bendable neck enable  easy access to  posterior teeth. New handle features a soft rubber, ribbed grip for  comfort and  control. Antibacterial bristles help keep brush clean between  uses. Coated wire prevents galvanic shoc..
$49.99 Ex Tax: $49.99
Opaque Toothbrush with Action Tip
Opaque Toothbrush with Action Tip   Features soft, end rounded bristles with action tip. Interdental trim addresses interproximal areas with superior cleaning. Compact oval head; ribbed elastomeric grips on a straight contoured handle. White with four assorted accent colors (purple, blue, green, orange). Compare with Oral B Advantage Compact Head   ITEM # DESCRIPTION CASE *Q16793 Opaque Toothbrush with Action Tip (37 tuft)   ..
$45.99 Ex Tax: $45.99
Oral B Advantage 3D Adult - Soft
6/box. ..
$6.95 Ex Tax: $6.95
Oral B Stages 4
8+ years, 6/box For kids and preteens 8+ years of age with mixed dentition. Has soft, angled CrissCross® bristles that clean between the gaps in kid’s changing teeth and remove plaque in hard to reach areas. ..
$6.95 Ex Tax: $6.95
12/Pkg   ..
$13.95 Ex Tax: $13.95
12/Pkg   ..
$12.95 Ex Tax: $12.95
The Oral-B Complete Deep Clean Toothbrush significantly reduces plaque after a single brushing. The new cleaning-action bristles penetrate between teeth and clean hard-to-reach areas, while massaging and stimulating the gums. The Power Tip® bristles are gentle on enamel and help clean hard-to-reach, high-risk areas for plaque buildup. 35 Tuft Soft 12/package   ..
$12.95 Ex Tax: $12.95
Oral-B Stages Toothbrush for Children  - 6/Pkg
  Oral-B® Stages toothbrush is for children Helps protect tender gums Surrounds and cleans teeth Helps kids brush back of teeth Fits small hands #80270524 - Stages 3, Princess Jewels, Soft, 5-7 years, 6/box, $6.95 per box. #80234099 - Stages 3, Avengers, Soft bristles, 5-7 years, 6/box, $6.95/box #80235999 - Stages 4, Star graphics, 8+ years, 6/box, $6.95/box     ..
$6.95 Ex Tax: $6.95
Oral-B® Advantage™ Sensitive – Extra Soft, 12/Pkg
Oral-B® Advantage™ Sensitive provides advanced brushing for sensitive teeth and gums.   Extra Soft Oral-B® ComfortClean™ bristles for sensitive gums Oral-B® ExtendAngle™ brush head for hard-to-reach areas Provides complete cleaning, helps freshen breath and whiten teeth ..
$12.95 Ex Tax: $12.95