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Cranberry Repel Antifog 4-Ply Face Mask
Cranberry Repel® Antifog 4-Ply Face Mask; 50 per box Nonwoven antifog cushion greatly reduces fogging of eyewear Exclusive Quad-Fold design provides 15% more breathing volume   ..
$9.95 Ex Tax: $9.95
Cranberry Repel® 4-Ply Face Mask, 50 mask/box; 8 box/case
  Made with 100% latex- and fiberglass-free layers Full length noseguard to ensure a secure and comfortable protection Dye-, chemical- and lint-free cellulose inner layer designed with sensitive skin in mind Exclusive Quad-Fold design provides 15% more breathing volume High barrier protection   ..
$8.95 Ex Tax: $8.95
Cranberry S3 ACE Face Masks - 50/Box; 8 box/case
  Cranberry S3 ACE Face Masks are latex-free, dye-free, fiberglass-free and glutten-free protective barriers. Unique outside-in loop wrap design and full length nosepiece Enriched and microcoated with active aloe, vitamin C and vitamin E S3 water active skin care ingredients are designed to disassociate and naturally moisturize and nourish your skin through internal air circulation created by natural breathing process PFE 99% at 0.1 micron and BFE 99%   ..
$8.25 Ex Tax: $8.25
Crosstex Molded Cone Face Mask with Elastic Headband - 50/Box
  Surgical molded face mask with elastic headband is a splash repellent barrier with flared edges for added comfort and a soft, flexible nosepiece. Minimum performance BFE = 98% @ 3 microns PFE = 98.7% @ 4.2 microns Flared edge prevents irritation Outer facial tissue White facial tissue inner layer Extra long aluminum nosepiece   ..
$11.75 Ex Tax: $11.75
Crosstex Ultra Sensitive Face Mask, 50/Box - Ultra Sensitive Face Mask
  Ultra Sensitive Face Masks with earloops have a fluid resistant outer layer with white, extra soft, hypoallergenic cellulose inner layer. They are void of all inks, dyes and chemicals and will not lint, tear or shred. They are designed specifically for people with sensitive skin. Meets En14683 Rating – Type IIR Standard Fluid resistance – 160 mm Hg BFE99.9 @ 3 microns PFE=99.9% @ 0.1 micron Flame Spread Class 1 ASTM Level 3 Latex free Extra long, aluminum nose piece ..
$15.25 Ex Tax: $15.25
Crosstex Ultra® Earloop Face Masks – Latex Free, Blue, 40/Box
  Ultra® Earloop Face Masks – Latex Free, Blue, 40/Box ASTM Level 3 Inner and outer fluid resistant layers PFE 99.7% at 0.1 micron High breathability Full length aluminum nosepiece Earloops are sonically welded to the outside of mask to reduce skin irritation Made in the USA   ..
$13.95 Ex Tax: $13.95
Defend® Premium Molded Cone Face Mask, Petite Pink 50/Box
  Fiberglass-free material Latex-free elastic band Hypoallergenic Fluid resistant masks have a BFE and PFE of greater than 99% Nonglare, adjustable nosepiece for a comfortable fit Pink (petite) is 10% smaller than blue (regular)   ..
$10.95 Ex Tax: $10.95
Medicom Safe+Mask® Cone Face Mask
  Utility mask made of latex free, porous material which helps protect the weare from body fluids and   contamination caused by exhaled micro-organisms. Molded contour design increases comfort and allows for  excellent breathability. ..
$7.99 Ex Tax: $7.99
Medicom SofSkin® Procedure Earloop Mask - 50/Box
  Safe+Mask® SofSkin® Procedure Earloop Mask was designed with sensitive skin in mind. Its soft, lightweight and highly breathable inner layer is gentle, nonirritating and remains cool on the skin for ultimate ease and comfort. The cellulose-blend inner layer is white, extra soft and dye free, which leaves skin feeling clean and dry. It does not lint, tear or shred. The adjustable nose piece helps customize the fit. Earloop ties are soft, stretchy, latex free and sonically sealed Meets ASTM 2100 standard for everyday, low barrier protection..
$9.50 Ex Tax: $9.50
Sultan Com-Fit Earloop Mask
Com-Fit™ Procedural Masks have a fluid resistant outer layer and a soft tissue inside barrier designed for comfort and excellent breathability during long procedures.   Latex-free 50 per box ..
$11.50 Ex Tax: $11.50
Sultan Com-Fit Plush
Com-Fit™ Plush Masks, 40/Box Masks feel as soft as silk on the skin. Gentle ear-loops and a patented curved nose band for a pleasant fit. Hypoallergenic with no known materials that contain latex. Available in ASTM Fluid Resistance Levels of 1, 2 and 3.   ..
$15.95 Ex Tax: $15.95
TIDIShield Fluid Resistant Procedure Facemasks
TIDIShield™ Fluid Resistant Procedure Facemasks, 50/Box ASTM Level 1 or 2 available 120 mm Hg fluid resistance 99% PFE (based on 0.1 micron) Made from soft breathable SMS material Earloop, odorless, latex and fiberglass free Made in the USA   ..
$6.50 Ex Tax: $6.50