Amalsed Direct Amalgam Separator - Wet Kit

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Amalsed® direct amalgam separators are ISO 11143:2008 compliant with a separation efficiency greater than 99% at a flow rate of 3 liters/minute/separator. They come in two different sizes, small and large, which can be configured to the requirements of any sized practice. They are compatible with most wet or dry vacuum systems, are reliable, efficient, and due to their small footprint can be installed almost anywhere.

The amalsed® direct amalgam separators use our unique, patented sedimentation and flow technology to achieve superior performance, reliability and efficiency.

Sedimentation is a reliable method of separating amalgam particles from contaminated wastewater.

The amalsed® system removes more than 99% of the heavy-metal particles from the wastewater— As required by the international standard ISO 11143. This has been a proven method of cleaning wastewater for years. For example, in Scandinavia, more than 90% of all dental practices are equipped with sedimentation separators.

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