Hemostatic & Retraction Materials

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Hemodent PREMIER
Buffered aluminum chloride epinephrine-free hemostatic liquid. Effectively stops minor gingival bleeding. Hemodent is stable and offers a long shelf lif Hemodent 10cc bottle 9007071 14.95 Hemodent 20cc bottle 9007072 27.75 Hemodent 40cc bottle 9007073 48.95   ..
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Hemostatic Liquid - 1 oz bottle
Hemostatic Liquid - 1 oz bottle Buffered Aluminum Chloride Epinephrine-Free Hemostatic Liquid ..
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Racord Retraction Cord by Pascal (Blue Label)
Racord® Retraction Cord Racord® Retraction Cord is saturated with a solution of stabilized epinephrine hydrochloride and dried in a special process to ensure both consistent epinephrine content and excellent hemostatic retraction properties.   Available in Thin, Small, Medium, Large   ..
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Racord Two Retraction Cord - Vasoconstrictor, Astringent Action, Cotton (Orange Label)
Racord® Two Retraction Cord - Vasoconstrictor, Astringent Action, Cotton Racord® Two Retraction Cord is a combination of vasoconstrictor and astringent action in one cord. Racord® Two is impregnated with a solution containing both racemic epinephrine hydrochloride and zinc phenolsulfonate, and then dried by a special process. Ensures optimal retraction 100% cotton cord Special drying process ensures consistent medicament content Memory free for precise placement and retention in the sulcus Easy ..
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Traxodent Premier
Traxodent is a syringe-dispensed 15% aluminum chloride retraction paste. Once placed in the sulcus, the absorbent paste displaces soft tissue, creating retraction while the aluminum chloride stops bleeding and crevicular seepage. After two minutes the sulcus is rinsed, leaving a clean, dry, and accessible margin.   Traxodent offers you: Quick effective retraction: approximately 2 minutes - no fumbling with hemostatic solutions - saves chair time. Superior hemostasis: stops bleeding and crevicular seepage while retraction occurs - easily absorbs excess..
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