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Aladdin™ Flow Flowable Composite – 1.3 g Syringe, Refill Package, 2/Pkg
  Aladdin™ Flow is a light cure, flowable composite that flows easily into the prep for outstanding marginal adaptation. Effortless handling, dispenses easily and self-levels for natural looking results you want Radiopaque for enhanced X-ray visibility Excellent fracture toughness and compressive strength Contains: 2 (1.3 g) syringes and 30 syringe tips Available Shades:  A1, A2, A3, A3.5, B1, B2, C2, C4, C2-Opaque, BW Bleach   ..
$31.25 Ex Tax: $31.25
BEAUTIFIL® Flow Plus Hybrid Restorative - F00 Viscosity Zero Flow (Red Label)
  BEAUTIFIL® Flow Plus is an injectable hybrid restorative. This composite is indicated for Class I, II, III, IV & V restorations as well as minimally invasive restorations, root caries restorations, filling primary teeth, restoring defects in enamel, additional filling and modification after composite resin filling and undercutting blockouts. Base, liner and final restorative in one Fluoride releasing Stronger than many conventional composites Stackable and sculptable; stays put High radiopacity; greater t..
$35.25 Ex Tax: $35.25
NDurance® Dimer Flow Flowable Composite Restorative - Syringe (2 x 2 g) Refills
  N’Durance® Dimer Flow flowable composite is a light-curing, resin-based, dental restorative material. Its low viscosity and precise syringe delivery make it flowable, easy to place and finish, and adaptable to a variety of clinical situations. Outstanding consistency for easy placement and ideal adaptation to cavity walls Lower volumetric shrinkage, causing less stress on tooth restoration interface for improved durability Available in 6 Vita™ shades, Universal Opaque and Bleach White to offer a full color palette, allowing supe..
$61.75 Ex Tax: $61.75
Quala Flowable Composite
Our light curing, low viscosity composite is designed for use in Class III and Class V restorations as well as other dental applications. The 64% filled Bis-GMA resin formulation allows the composite to easily flow into difficult areas. The precision controlled syringe and unit dose tip delivery system allow for easy placement. Quala Flowable Composite is available in the five most popular VitaTM shades: A1, A2, A3, A3.5, B1.* Contains: 2 x 2g syringes with 20 tips (18g). ..
$20.50 Ex Tax: $20.50