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 Hygenic® Endo-Ice® Pulp Vitality Refrigerant Spray – 5.9 oz Spray Can Coltene/Whaledent
Hygenic® Endo-Ice® Pulp Vitality Refrigerant Spray – 5.9 oz Spray Can Coltene/Whaledent   ..
$26.95 Ex Tax: $26.95
$5.95 Ex Tax: $5.95
Chloroform by Sultan Healthcare – 8 oz Bottle
Chloroform – 8 oz Bottle Chloroform is a solvent useful for cleaning up cements from tools and mixing equipment. Not intended for human use.   ..
$67.95 Ex Tax: $67.95
Dry Socket Paste by Sultan – 1 oz Jar
Dry Socket Paste – 1 oz Jar Used to treat alveolitis, Dry Socket Paste from Sultan Healthcare gives instant pain relief. This paste is introduced into socket with a flat-bladed instrument, tamped down to cover exposed bone and allowed to remain in the socket 3-5 days. The paste washes out gradually as the socket heals, which eliminates the task of packing removal and allows a one-visit treatment.   ..
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EDTA Solution – 17% EDTA Solution, 60ML Bottle, 1/Pkg
EDTA Solution – 17% EDTA Solution, 60ML Bottle, 1/Pkg This 17% solution of EDTA, which has been buffered to a neutral pH, is an effective calcium binding or chelating agent used to facilitate instrumentation of root canals. EDTA decalcifies the dentin surface on the canal wall, making it easier to enlarge and shape the canal with files and reamers.   ..
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HyFlex® CM™ Controlled Memory NiTi Files - 25 mm Assortment Packs, 6/Pkg HyFlex® CM™ files consist of a nickel titanium alloy and chromium. They are used for endodontic procedures including dentin removal and root canal shaping. These files can be used with crown-down, step-back or the recommended single length technique. 300% more resistance to separation Superior canal tracking with file flexibility combined with lack of file shape memory Shape and strength of files can be restore..
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K-Files by Mark 3
Item # Product Name 12106 K-files 21mm #06 12108 K-files 21mm #08 12110 K-files 21mm #10 12115 K-files 21mm #15 1211540 K-files 21mm #15/40 12120 K-files 21mm #20 12125 K-files 21mm #25 12130 K-files 21mm #30 12135 ..
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Monoject (Covidien) Soft Pack 20ml Syringe with Luer Lock Tip 40/Box; 4 Box/Case ..
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Monoject 6 cc Syringe with Luer Tip, 50/Pkg
  Monoject™ 3 ml Syringe is a sterile, single use, individually packaged syringe without a needle. With a polypropylene barrel and a plunger rod that has a latex-free plunger tip, comes in a 2-piece polypropylene package. Monoject comes in several available tip designs with graduated barrel markings.   ..
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Multi-Cal™ Calcium Hydroxide Preparation Kit
Multi-Cal™ is a smooth, creamy calcium hydroxide preparation recommended for all clinical applications where calcium hydroxide is indicated. Multi-Cal is bactericidal, bacteriostatic, radiopaque and has a pH greater than 12. Indications include: Temporary and intermediate root canal therapy Direct pulp capping, pulpal curettage, pulpotomy Dentin bridge formation Cavity lining and indirect pulp capping Kit contains: 4 (1.2 ml) syringes and 8 applicator tips   ..
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